Verano says "Yes" to brand advertising


  • Help consumers recognize Verano as a cannabis brand that exists to prove cannabis can and should be better
  • Address objections and remediate barriers uncovered in research with quick, hard-hitting digital ads


  • Driving specific audience subsets to the website
  • Unique landing pages designed to overcome anxieties and educate about the Verano brand
  • Utilize Fyllo Infused Audiences with a display-focused methodology

Verano is a leading, vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator in the U.S., providing responsible access to regulated cannabis products.

With a mission to address vital health and wellness needs, Verano wanted to execute a campaign that would drive increased awareness for the suite of premium brands within its portfolio. In addition, Verano wanted to address barriers uncovered in research after decades of fear-led messaging with quick, hard-hitting digital ads focused on the mantra 
“We Say Yes.”

To meet this challenge, Fyllo created custom segments for standard display to engage specific audience subsets which included:

  • Cannacurious - people who over-indexed with cannabis consumers but who haven’t made a purchase
  • Dabbler & Enthusiasts - leveraging Fyllo purchase-based segments

The campaign outperformed on all key performance indicators, such as brand consideration, purchase intent, favorability, message association and awareness - with greater than 3% lift in brand awareness based on Lucid brand-lift study.

Additionally, the campaign was highly successful at delivering website engagement across audience subsets and resulted in more than 75,000 clicks, or 2X the benchmark.

As a result of strong performance, the campaign has been extended.

To learn more about the campaign's success, hear from to Verano's own David Spreckman, Executive Vice President of Marketing on Alchemy.

"Our primary objectives were to increase brand awareness and educate consumers. Did the campaign outperform our expectations? We say yes."

Kevin Moses
Director of Marketing, Verano