Fyllo Infused Audiences outperform lookalikes by 40%


Advantage over lookalike audiences


Previous quarter engagement benchmarks


Lift in engagement


Increase awareness of a new ready-to-drink format

Drive engagement in key growth markets

Reach beyond existing customers to bring new audiences to the brand


Design and deploy new audience segments based on Fyllo Infused Audiences sharing interest and intent in relevant adult-beverage consumption.

Finding new sources of growth

A large domestic beer brand worked with Fyllo to increase awareness and engagement for its new RTD format in major markets. By leveraging Fyllo Infused Audiences segments, the brand was able to reach beyond known website visitors and meet new, and more responsive, consumers.

Cannabis and CBD consumers over-index in high-value interests, attitudes and behaviors that create momentum for new brands and products in the beer, wine and spirits category.  They’re 25% more likely to be the first to try new products than the average US adult, and 4 in 10 enjoy multiple alcohol brands on a regular basis.

The campaign served identical rich media creative units to the first-party lookalikes and Fyllo Infused Audiences but garnered dramatically different results. The Fyllo Infused Audiences delivered a 40% advantage over benchmarks.

To learn more about Fyllo Infused Audiences, email sales@hellofyllo.com.

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