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Audience Targeting Solutions

Identify and engage your ideal consumers with precision audience targeting built on best-in-class modeling and unique datasets.

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Scalable. Actionable. Connected.

With our audience targeting solution designed for advertisers, you can choose from pre-built taxonomized audience segments or create a custom audience tailor-made for your campaign strategy.

Always-on Audiences

React instantly to capitalize on opportunities and engage with your target audience.

Hands-on implementation

Categories across taxonomies in 12 languages

Media strategy and activation

Global audiences available the US, EMEA and APAC

Automotive & Mobility
Always-on audiences for Automotive & Mobility

Luxury Vehicles & EV Enthusiasts

Classic Car Admirers


Second-hand Vehicle Buyers

Rental & Lease Option Users

Family Car Consumers

Motorcycle Riders


Public Transportation Users

Farm Vehicle Drivers

Fashion & Beauty
Always-on audiences for Fashion & Beauty

Beauty & Selfcare Enthusiasts

Brides & Grooms-to-be

Wedding Planners

High-end Enthusiasts

Discount Shoppers

Fragrance Enthusiasts

Trend Followers

Haircare Product Consumers

Luxury Beauty Seekers

Cosmetic Consumers

Urban Fashion Lovers

Men's Fashion & Footwear Consumers

Men's Jewellery & Accessories Enthusiasts

Women's Fashion & Footwear Consumers

Women's Jewelry & Accessories Enthusiasts

Sports Apparel Consumers

Environment & Sustainability
Always-on audiences for Environment & Sustainability

Wildlife Conservationists

Environmental Activists

Renewable Energy Investors

Eco-conscious Consumers

Renewable Energy Supporters

Green Building Enthusiasts

ESG Investors

Eco-friendly Fashionistas

Vegan Beauty Enthusiasts

Zero-waste Practitioners

Career & Education
Always-on audiences for Career & Education

Job Seekers

Career Changers

Career Advancers & Enhancers

Career Advisors

Skill Seekers

Interns & Young Professionals

Vocational Training Learners

Scholarship Seekers

University Students

Prospective Students

Arts & Entertainment
Always-on audiences for Arts & Entertainment

Fine Art & Culture Lovers

Music Lovers

Movies & TV Enthusiasts


Streaming Platforms Users


Esports Fans

Pop Culture Enthusiasts


Nightlife Enthusiasts

Magazine & Newspaper Readers


Business & Finance
Always-on audiences for Business & Finance

Financial Services Consumers

Financial Markets Followers

Business Executives & Managers

Crypto Enthusiasts

Investment Enthusiasts

Retirement Planners

Start-Up Founders


Credit Applicants

Online Banking Users

Insurance Holders

Homesellers & Homebuyers

Rental Property Seekers

Food & Drink
Always-on audiences for Food & Drink

Alcoholic Beverages Enthusiasts

Baby Food Buyers

Bakers & Cake Enthusiasts

BBQ & Grill Masters

Cocktail Aficionados

Beer Connoisseurs

Candy & Snack Lovers

Pet Owners

Coffee & Tea Enthusiasts

Home Cooks & Recipe Seekers

Discount Shoppers

Fast Food Consumers

Gluten-free Diet Followers


Gourmet Food Enthusiasts


Non-alcoholic Beverage Consumers

Organic Food Advocates

Restaurant Goers

Family & Lifestyle
Always-on audiences for Family & Lifestyle

Pet Owners

Feline Enthusiasts

Dog Lovers

Engaged Couples

Expecting Mothers

New Mothers & Motherhood


Dating Apps Enthusiasts

Parents of infants

Parents of Adolescents

Singles Lifestyle

Environment & Sustainability
Always-on audiences for Travel & Tourism

All Inclusive



Beach Vacation

Business Travel

Adventure Travel


Luxury Travel

Budget Travel

Group Travel

Family Travel

Solo Travel

Cultural Tourism

Historical Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Culinary Tourism

Wellness Tourism

Digital Nomadism

Travel Blogging

Travel Apps

Travel Agencies

Travel Insurance

Travel Communities

Health & Wellness
Always-on audiences for Health & Wellness

Cosmetic Enhancement Enthusiasts

Integrative Medicine Enthusiasts

Anti-wrinkle Cream Users

Nature Lovers

Dental Health-conscious Individuals

Healthy Eating Advocates

Elderly Care Seekers

Vision Care Seekers


Health-conscious Individuals

Meditation Enthusiasts


Facial Care Seekers

Nutritional Supplement Enthusiasts

Wellness Retreat Seekers

Yogi Lifestyle Enthusiasts

“Competition for fitness consumers online is fierce. We built custom segments that drove unmatched campaign performance.”

Helaine Knapp

Founder & CEO

Tailor your reach with custom audiences

Create fit-for-purpose custom audiences based on first-party data, panel data, purchase data or semantic topics to elevate your campaign performance.

Segments tailored to individual campaign objectives

Minimal seed data—as few as 300 records — required

Identify look-alike audiences or refine microsegments

Best-in-class modeling drives highly targeted ads

Get up and running

Create a competitive edge with audiences that are fit-for-purpose and built for you.

DIY audience creation

Your marketing team knows who to target - let them. Enable your whole team to reach the desired audience you need in four simple steps.

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Proven expertise

If you can describe your target, we can create a best-in-breed model that enables you to find look-alike audiences, hone microsegments, improve ROAS or deliver specific tailored messages.

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Audience creation by our experts

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Platform-agnostic distribution for AdTech without borders

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