Contextual Solutions Lead to Test Drive     Conversions for Auto Brand Launch

Only Partner

to generate test drives


Of total budget awarded on performance

A global automotive brand needed to generate interest and test drives for a new model SUV. The agency set-up a test comparing the results of leading contextual targeting providers to identify the solution delivering the best results as a basis to allocate total campaign budget.


Demonstrate superior performance with conversions that lead to test drives of the new model

Reduce CPA


Segment creation

Within Fyllo’s semantic targeting platform, utilize  URL browsing behavior to identify a consistent audience definition and similarities between audience members.

Targeting key contextual targets

Create custom segments to target uses consuming relevant, brand-specific content.


#1 performance across all solution providers included in the test while also reducing CPA.

Lessons learned

The success of the campaign provides several valuable insights, including:

  • The ability to outperform other competitors during a head-to-head test.
  • The efficacy of advanced semantic targeting to deliver not just outstanding performance, but also conversions.
  • The power of a clear, semantic audience definition to deliver messages that resonate at the exact “right” moment to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.


The impressive results of the campaign in this head-to-head comparison across industry leading solutions showcases the ability of the Fyllo semantic platform to drive extraordinary results through contextual targeting and contextual audience extension. By identifying the target audience based on consumption of relevant, brand-specific content, we delivered not only lower CPA and higher engagement - meeting the client’s ultimate goal of test drive conversions.

As a result, we were awarded 60% of the total campaign budget, with 40% allocated across five other providers.

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