Brand Awareness Amplified in Saturated Market for a CPG Brand

Woman drinking from a water bottle

5.6% lift

in brand awareness


vs. benchmark

+96% VCR

from CTV views

An award-winning full-service agency aimed to increase brand awareness and drive qualified site traffic for their client in the highly saturated bottled water market in California. The challenge was to effectively reach the target audience and generate insights while executing an expedited campaign in key DMAs.


Generate brand awareness by driving qualified site traffic in California's bottled water market

Develop an audience learning agenda to uncover insights and opportunities

Execute a targeted campaign in key DMAs quickly and efficiently


Targeted campaign

A focused campaign using standard display and video ads for web, desktop, mobile, and CTV was implemented.

Competitive conquesting

The campaign targeted key competitors across multiple channels to gain a competitive advantage.

Holistic audience mix

Fyllo used a mix of purchase and behavioral audiences to reach relevant consumers, including store water buyers, water bottle purchasers, party planners, active, outdoor, and health and wellness audiences.

Lessons learned

The success of the campaign provides several valuable insights, including:

  • The effectiveness of targeted campaigns: A focused campaign across various platforms can drive increased brand awareness and site traffic.
  • The importance of competitive conquesting: Conquesting against key competitors can help reach target audiences more effectively, leading to better campaign performance.
  • The value of a holistic audience mix: Leveraging a mix of purchase and behavioral audiences ensures that the campaign reaches a wide variety of relevant consumers.


Fyllo's successful campaign demonstrates the potential of using targeted strategies, competitive conquesting, and a holistic audience mix to drive brand awareness and site traffic in a saturated market.

By executing a targeted campaign in key DMAs and leveraging a mix of audiences, Fyllo was able to achieve outstanding results, outperforming historical benchmarks and driving a significant lift in both brand awareness and purchase intent among key demographic segments.

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