PubMatic and Semasio Boost Audience Addressability and Campaign Reach for OMG

"We're delighted with the results we have achieved with PubMatic and Semasio and look forward to leveraging the expanded contextual capabilities and a unified targeting strategy to maximize reach and performance for our clients."

Kevin Donker

Product Lead Programmatic, OMD Netherlands

Case study


Lift in reach


Lift in viewability


Lift in click-through rates

OMG Germany and OMD Netherlands partnered with PubMatic and Semasio to improve audience addressability and increase campaign reach in a market with declining third-party cookies and growing privacy concerns.

By integrating Semasio's contextual targeting and audience segments in PubMatic's sell-side platform (SSP), they aimed to boost mobile web and in-app campaign performance.


Improve audience addressability

Increase campaign reach


Activate Semasio's audience and contextual segments in PubMatic's SSP: Integrating Semasio's data segments in the SSP allowed for better targeting and increased campaign efficiency.

Test performance of mobile web and in-app campaigns with Semasio segments in SSP vs. DSP: The partners compared the performance of campaigns using Semasio segments in PubMatic's SSP to those using a demand-side platform (DSP).

Use a semantic approach to build both audience and contextual targeting strategies: Semasio's semantic targeting enabled the advertisers to build audiences and contextual strategies without taxonomical limitations, allowing for data-driven contextual strategies based on seed audience insights and shared user behavior.

Lessons learned

The success of the campaign offers several valuable insights, including:

  • The importance of audience addressability: Improving audience addressability is crucial for effective advertising in a privacy-centric market.
  • The value of contextual targeting: Combining contextual targeting with audience targeting strategies can lead to significant improvements in campaign reach and performance.
  • The power of semantic targeting: Using a semantic approach to build audience and contextual targeting strategies offers flexibility and adaptability without taxonomical limitations.


The partnership between OMG, OMD Netherlands, PubMatic, and Semasio demonstrates the potential of integrating audience and contextual targeting strategies for increasing reach, viewability, and click-through rates in an evolving advertising landscape. By leveraging Semasio's semantic targeting capabilities and PubMatic's SSP, the partners were able to achieve remarkable results and improve audience addressability in a market with growing privacy concerns.

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