The Farmer's Dog takes a fresh approach to segmentation

“We came to Fyllo with one primary objective and they exceeded our expectations - delivering meaningful results while raising awareness with new audiences.”

Hannah Theurer

Sr. Acquisition Manager, Prospecting, The Farmer’s Dog

Case study


Impressions at 60 days


CPA against benchmark


Site engagements


Test new audience segments for high-end, natural dog food subscriptions and achieve a CPA less than benchmark with 1-day click through and 1-day view through window.


Targeted campaign focused on standard display for mobile, tablet and desktop devices

Utilize 80% prospecting & 20% retargeting strategy to increase awareness, reach new progressive audiences and drive sales

Deploy conquesting against competitors, especially during moments when they are highlighted in the press

The Farmer’s Dog is a direct-to-consumer pet food company that delivers balanced, freshly made dog food based on simple recipes and better ingredients.

The team wanted to execute a campaign that would drive increased awareness with a new audience and increase sales of online subscriptions for their high-end, natural pet food. To meet this challenge, Fyllo created custom segments for standard display and native to engage dog owners who purchased CBD - either for themselves or their pets. Audience segments included:

  • Pet Food Shoppers
  • Pet Supplies
  • Dog Owners
  • Pet Owners
  • Dog Food
  • Other conquesting segments

The campaign outperformed brand and campaign benchmarks with an average 40% reduction in CPA. Additionally, each individual creative demonstrated strong engagement and outperformed the benchmark. The team was able to identify key geographic markets with the top six markets accounting for 20%

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