Audience Targeting


Identify and engage your ideal consumers. Bring precision to audience targeting with best-in-class modeling built on unique datasets.

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Standard or custom, always on

Choose from pre-built taxonomized audiences or create a custom audience tailor-made for your campaign strategy. Precision without breaking the bank.

Standard audiences

React instantly to capitalize on opportunities and engage with your target audience.

Access over 1,300 always-on segments

Activate campaigns in seconds

Adapt rapidly to market dynamics and trends

Diversify campaign spend cost maximum efficiency

Fyllo Infused Audiences

Differentiated data

Attributes from 65 million+ cannabis and CBD consumers with a progressive mindset

Progressive consumers

1K+ audiences infused with data from consumers who shape and move markets

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Always-on Semasio Segments

Semantic understanding

300+ always-on segments built with advanced semantics

Global reach

Available in 50 countries with support in 30+ languages

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Emma Newman


Custom Audiences

Create fit-for-purpose audiences based on first-party data, purchase data or semantic topics to elevate your campaign performance.

Precision targeting with minimal seed data (just 300 records)

Identify look-alikes and refine microsegments

No additional custom development fees

Best-in-class audience modeling techniques

Enterprise-grade data enrichment

Supercharge your strategy with access to the high-value attributes from leading data partners.


Visitation based data

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TV / Video

Advertising and viewership data

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Data from leasding platforms

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Demo / Interest

Atreibutes acros 200M+ US adults

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Advertise to sport enthusiasts

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UPC level data

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Get up and running

Create a competitive edge with audiences that are fit-for-purpose and built for you.

DIY your audience creation

Your marketing team knows who to target - let them. Enable your whole team to reach the audience you need in four simple steps.

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