Alchemy episodes with leading women in cannabis

March 8, 2022

A spotlight on some of the most influential and innovative women leading the charge in the cannabis industry.

Alchemy episodes with leading women in cannabis

Over the last year, we’ve had some amazing guests on our Alchemy podcast. In recognition of Women’s History Month, we collected our favorite episodes with some of the most influential women in cannabis.

Ericka Pitman, CMO

Viola has created an ultra-premium cannabis brand while promoting social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry. Viola CMO, Ericka Pitman, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss the importance of representation and diversity in cannabis C-suites and Viola’s purpose-led marketing approach to creating equity for black communities. Listen now.

Kerrigan Behrens, Co-Founder & CEO

Sagely Naturals is a collection of hemp-derived, CBD-infused products that support whole-self wellness. Sagely Naturals Co-Founder & CEO Kerrigan Behrens joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss starting her own cannabis business and remaining competitive in the fast-growing CBD space with 12,000 points of distribution and the best-selling CBD topical product in the country. Listen now.

Jennifer Dooley, CSO

Green Thumb Industries is a national cannabis consumer packaged goods company. Green Thumb Industries Chief Strategy Officer, Jennifer Dooley, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her career in cannabis that named her in the High Times Female 50, developing a diverse brand portfolio across various categories, and her innovative approach to retail. Listen now.

Katie Stem, CEO

Peak Extracts is a three-product line brand distributed throughout Oregon. Peak Extracts CEO, Katie Stem, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss applying her experience in laboratory science, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture to the cannabis space, creating strain-specific chocolates, and the value of terpenes and flavonoids in Peak Extracts’ products. Listen now.

Julia Jacobson, Co-Founder

Aster Farms is a sustainable cannabis company located in Oakland, California. Aster Farms Co-Founder, Julia Jacobson, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her inspiring decision to start a cannabis company from the ground up, how to create lasting brand loyalty in the maturing cannabis space, and her plans for expanding the Aster Farms business in the future. Listen now.

Laurie Gregory, CBO

Skymint is a purveyor of premium-crafted cannabis headquartered in the fast-growing Michigan market. Skymint Chief Brand and Product Officer Laurie Gregory joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss the Skymint hero brand, her experience opening the company’s ninth store during the pandemic, and diversifying the brand portfolio for retail and wholesale. Listen now.

Maggie Connors, Founder & CEO

Besito brings highly designed products to the market and gives back to the communities most affected by the War on Drugs. Besito Founder & CEO, Maggie Connors, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss developing the Besito brand identity, curating products tailored for women, and the company’s mission to help to repair the damage caused by the war on drugs. Listen now.

Nicole Brown, CCO

Open Book Extracts is a vertically integrated wholesale producer of full- and broad-spectrum CBD oil. Open Book Extracts  Chief Commercial Officer, Nicole Brown, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her experience as CMO at Citymaps, her transition into the cannabis world as CCO, and her commitment to innovative packaging and sustainability in the space. Listen now.

Angela Pih, CMO

Papa & Barkley creates consumer wellness products activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes. Papa & Barkley CMO Angela Pih joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her career journey into cannabis, building an award-winning brand that resonates with older audiences and strategizing experiential activations within regulatory constraints. Listen now.

Lisa Hurwitz, CMO

Grassroots is one of the largest medical cannabis dispensary owners in the U.S. Grassroots Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Lisa Hurwitz joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her transition from CPG to the cannabis industry, overcoming marketing challenges at scale, and the value of micro-influencers. Listen now.

Amanda Byrd, CMO

Philter Labs is a technology company pioneering advanced personal filtration products for modern-day vapers. Philter Labs CMO, Amanda Byrd, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her experience in finding creative ways to change stigmas and empowering cannabis smokers to make their own choices. Listen now.

Samantha Collins, CMO

Bhang delivers sensory experiences to consumers through its extensive portfolio of over 50 master-chef-created cannabis, CBD, and terpene products. Bhang CMO, Samantha Collins, joined the Alchemy podcast to discuss her career in alcohol and cannabis, occasion-based consumption trends, and packaging and compliance. Listen now.

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