Embracing Earth Day: Commitment to a Greener Future

April 8, 2024

Authored by Marley Pulz, Product Marketing Manager

Embracing Earth Day: Commitment to a Greener Future

As Earth Day approaches on April 22, it reminds communities and businesses to consider their environmental footprint. At Semasio, dedication to reducing carbon emissions is fundamental to fostering a healthier planet. This Earth Day, we're proud to showcase our progress in sustainability and our efforts towards eco-friendly industry standards. Commitment is deeply embedded in our operations, especially through always-on segments like Green Living and Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation, which promote environmentally-friendly living and eco-conscious solutions.

Reducing Carbon Footprint: A Strategic Shift

The digital landscape’s vast electricity use significantly influences global carbon emissions. A report by BidSwitch sheds light on the advertising sector's energy consumption, with data centers accounting for 2% of worldwide CO2 emissions. Semasio's move to power our EMEA servers with wind energy in a leading sustainable data center is a testament to our environmental dedication. This initiative not only boosts our hardware capacity but also halves carbon emissions, embodying our #investforsustainability ethos.

Beyond Operations: Fostering Sustainable Practices

The dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond internal operations. Leveraging Semasio’s expertise in contextual targeting, the goal is to assist clients in developing advertising campaigns that not only captivate but also promote a dialogue around sustainability. This demonstrates an awareness of the increasing consumer demand for brands genuinely committed to environmental concerns.

Leading by Example in Digital Advertising

Given the digital advertising sector's notable carbon footprint, it's critical for entities within this space to reevaluate their impact. Leading by example, Semasio’s adoption of renewable energy sources and efforts to minimize emissions set new standards for environmental responsibility.

Driving Innovation Towards Sustainability

"At Semasio, our approach to sustainability goes beyond mere practice; it's about pioneering a future where digital advertising and environmental stewardship coexist harmoniously." – Philippus von Nerée, SVP International Operations and Managing Director, Semasio. This mindset propels our involvement with eco-friendly segments in our always-on campaigns, encouraging the industry to embrace sustainable practices. It's about sparking conversations and demonstrating the potential for aligning digital strategies with our core environmental values.

Understanding our role in a larger ecosystem, Semasio is focused on making tangible changes that contribute to a greener future. The insights from sources like BidSwitch serve as a reminder that the challenge of reducing carbon emissions is a shared responsibility across industries. Recognizing this, we’re encouraging other organizations to reflect on their practices and explore how they too can contribute to a more sustainable environment. Together, through innovation and a commitment to change, the goal of a healthier planet becomes more achievable.

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