Cannabis consumers are the most progressive health seekers

December 6, 2021

MRI-Simmons conducted a groundbreaking study on the health and wellness behavior of over 42 million mainstream cannabis consumers. The results offer surprising insights and opportunities for modern wellness and pharma marketers.

Cannabis consumers are the most progressive health seekers

Cannabis and CBD play an essential role in millions of Americans’ well-being agenda.

According to the MRI-Simmons 2021 cannabis study, more than 42 million adults consumed cannabis or CBD for medical reasons.

These are consumers who are highly engaged in their health and well-being. They’re more likely to identify themselves with “I’m my own doctor” when it comes to their health, and despite their affinity for alternative medicine, are on par with the U.S. average for prescriptions filled and prescription spending.

They’re consuming CBD and/or THC for a wide range of medical and psychological benefits including stress relief, pain and inflammation, anxiety and antidepressant, sleep and sports recovery.

Mainstream cannabis consumers represent a surprisingly large percentage of people living with and managing health conditions:


To learn more about how cannabis and CBD consumers manage their health, download the Cannabis Consumer Insights: Pharma onesheet.

In addition to their sheer numbers, cannabis and CBD consumers share a collective mindset when it comes to health and wellbeing. They’re the leading edge of health seekers – people actively seeking better solutions, trying new and advanced medications and influencing others. They’re proactive consumers 11% more likely to say that they’re “the first to try the latest medicines”.

In terms of influence, cannabis consumers are trusted advisors when it comes to healthcare (26%), physical fitness (17%), healthy lifestyle (16%) and prescription drugs (15%).

They’re also a dynamic group of consumers who are more motivated to act than the average prescription drug consumer – placing higher importance on personal qualities like ambition (12%), adventure (15%), power (13%) and status (18%).

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