Targeting strategies to win back cannabis customers

December 2, 2021

With a little more focus devoted to a customer win-back strategy, your dispensary can build meaningful customer relationships that will pay off for years to come.

Targeting strategies to win back cannabis customers

A win-back campaign is a strategy businesses employ to identify and encourage lapsed customers to return through a meticulous series of ads, texts, emails and promotions. Why is reinvigorating past customers to return so important? Because 65% of all sales come from existing customers. They’re more likely to try new products, participate in rewards programs and bring new customers into the fold.

Over time, various factors can cause even long-time customers to go cold. However, every one of your lapsed customers has expressed a need that your brand or business fulfilled in the past. To meet those needs and drive repeat sales, a precise win-back strategy is critical.

Personalize promotions using hyper-specific purchase data

Purchase data collected from an integrated POS system can indicate a possibility customers will return. Use this data to create a personalized win-back campaign that targets visitors based on when they visit your website, what products they seek out and even their loyalty status:

  • Schedule specials based on high-traffic windows: Schedule specials that target customers based on the most common times they shop. For example, on the Fyllo Promotion’s Engine, you can set filters to find customers who shop during a specific window. After you’ve identified potential win-backs based on convenient shopping windows, win them back with gratifying flash sales and happy hour specials.
  • Target lapsed customers based on their favorite products: Leverage collected purchase data to divide customers into various segments based on their purchase history. Create segments based on product categories such as flower, edibles, vapes and more.
  • Reward customer feedback: Using 10DLC messaging, send lapsed customers text messages asking about their most recent visit and how you can improve their experience. This is a great two-way channel that gives customers a meaningful voice in your business operations. Be sure to reward this feedback with a personalized offer or discount code for a product they purchased most recently.

Retarget lapsed customers based on their activity

Retargeting ads use cookies to identify users that have been exposed to your ads, taken action on your website or have past purchase history with your business. You can target these users on other websites and social channels with relevant ads. Retargeting is effective because it reinforces brand visibility for users who have already shown interest in your website. Here are some great retargeting methods to win back customers:

  • Retarget various segments using CRM data: Using first-party CRM data, you can identify high-value customers based on their behaviors, actions and interest across your website. Upload your CRM data and identify customers based on their interests, lifestyles and demographics. If your data shows that women aged 25 - 34 spend $40+ on edibles on the weekend, you’ll know exactly what to do.
  • Retarget based on abandoned carts: Abandoned cart retargeting can push customers through the last step of the purchase funnel. These customers are so close to completing their journey that it might be worth it to offer an extra reminder or incentive based on items already in their cart. A great advantage here is that you could observe the cart value and determine the message around your retargeting efforts to convert fickle customers.

Find the right strategy to win back cannabis customers today

Your win-back strategy should focus on recultivating long-term relationships with customers. Cannabis brands and dispensaries are in a highly competitive industry with new players constantly emerging to fight for your customer’s attention across multiple channels. With a little more focus devoted to customer retention, you can build meaningful customer relationships that will pay off for years to come.

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