Mastering the art of privacy-safe personalization

June 12, 2023

Privacy-safe personalization is not a trend; it's the future of advertising. How can your brand deliver personalized ads without infringing on privacy?

Mastering the art of privacy-safe personalization

Understanding the challenge: personalization and privacy

In today’s marketing world, consumers expect and value personalized experiences. Tailored, relevant messages are more likely to engage audiences and lead to conversion. But, creating a personalized experience often requires the collection and processing of personal data, which can potentially infringe on privacy and create risks from improper handling of data or worse - a data breach.

Over the past few years, consumers have become more aware of the link between their online activities and data collection, and as a result are more concerned about how their personal information is used and protected. This has led to stricter privacy laws and regulations worldwide, imposing new limitations on how marketers can use personal data.

The solution: contextual targeting

Here's where contextual targeting comes in. Instead of relying on personal data, contextual targeting focuses on the context in which ads are shown - essentially targeting pages, not people. It delivers ads based on the content that the user is currently engaging with. By ensuring your ads reach individuals actively engaged with content related to your brand, you increase the likelihood of meaningful interactions and conversions. This approach is highly scalable and cost-efficient, and best of all, it's privacy-friendly, with few addressability issues.

Cookieless accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of contextual targeting is that it doesn't rely on cookies. Which is extremely important given that Google Chrome has significant market share globally and the fact that the identifiable addressable web is shrinking every year. For instance, Exchange Wire estimates that approximately 60% of Europe uses Chrome, and already only 36% of the open Internet is addressable. By using contextual targeting, this becomes a "non-issue" because you can reach your desired audience accurately and efficiently without relying on personal data. Connecting with consumers on the web pages they find most relevant, you can deliver a seamless, privacy-conscious advertising experience based on keywords, phrases, and URLs.

Leveraging context to understand your audience

Contextual targeting isn't just about delivering ads in the right place at the right time. It can also provide valuable insights into your audience's interests. Through identifying the types of content your audience is likely to consume, you can better understand their needs and preferences, fine-tune your targeting, and gain a competitive edge by discovering long-tail efficiencies and inventory that competitors can't see.

A success story

A global media agency was faced with the challenge of reaching a specific niche audience, at scale, while keeping strict privacy concerns in mind. Harnessing the power of Fyllo’s Contextual Targeting solution, they identified the topics most relevant to their target audience and exceeded their CTR benchmarks by a staggering 229%. Not only did they achieve impressive engagement, but they also significantly reduced their CPC compared to the campaign average.

By leveraging contextual targeting, marketers can unlock new growth opportunities and optimize campaign performance—all while respecting user privacy. Contextual targeting offers the best of both worlds: the ability to deliver highly personalized experiences that engage audiences, while fully adhering to privacy laws and guidelines. In today's marketing landscape, that's a balance that's more important than ever.

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